Some interesting facts about dolphins are that they belong to the order Cetacea, are mammals that can live in either saltwater or freshwater environments, depending on the species, and have very good hearing and vision. ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marine Mammals

Dolphins are very smart and playful animals. Although they live in the water, dolphins are mammals just like humans and need air to breathe, which they do out of a blowhole on the top of their heads. In fact, dolphins ca... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

Dolphins have great vision, although they can only see limited colors. They live in the water, but they do not drink from it. Instead, they get any necessary moisture from the food they eat. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

The Delphinidae family contains 36 species of dolphins, including killer whales. Dolphins travel in groups called pods and use echolocation to navigate the ocean. They communicate with one another using distinct whistles... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marine Mammals

Dolphins are mammals, and all mammals have some type of hair. There is a misconception that the bottlenose dolphin has no hair on its body, but dolphins do have a small area on their noses that produces hair. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marine Mammals

Although their structure is different from land mammals, dolphins do have bones. Because the water makes dolphins relatively weightless, their bones don't have much to hold up so they are not as strong as a land mammal's... More »

Most species of dolphin thrive in temperate and tropical salt water around the world, though some species, such as the rapidly disappearing river dolphins, live in fresh water. Most saltwater dolphins stay in shallow are... More »