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A bottle of a favorite wine, gift cards for restaurants, coupons for chores or errands done or tickets for a trip or special event can all be appropriate gifts and can be wrapped with gold paper or ribbon. Because the 50th wedding anniversary is traditionally referred to as the "golden anniversary,"


Some 50th anniversary quotes include: "They call 50 years the Golden Anniversary; the two of you shine and are great examples of what a marriage should be," and "Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day." The 50th anniversary is the golden one, and quotes chosen should r


One idea for a 50th anniversary party is to purchase a small notebook and have the guests contribute to a list of 50 wonderful things about the couple and their relationship. Another idea is to create a slideshow or collage of photos that commemorates the couple's 50 years of marriage.


The traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. It may not always be practical to give gold as a gift, but there are many ways to incorporate gold into an anniversary gift.


A standard gift for a 50th wedding anniversary is something made out of gold, such as earrings or a necklace. Gold is both the traditional and modern gift for the 50th anniversary, which is known as the "golden anniversary."


To honor the golden theme of the 50th wedding anniversary, gift ideas from Hallmark include a bouquet of golden or yellow flowers, such as roses, sunflowers, daffodils or tulips, a gold watch, or tickets to a special event wrapped in a gold ribbon. Gifts.com recommends a personalized golden annivers


A popular 50th anniversary card wish is "To celebrate your golden wedding anniversary we send you many greetings and wish you many more years together in harmony." There are many other options, depending on the relation of the person writing to the couple celebrating their anniversary.


The beginning of William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 104" is one of many quotes that may be appropriate for a 50th wedding anniversary. The quote reads, "To me, fair friend, you never can be old. For as you were when first your eye I eyed, such seems your beauty still."


As the traditional color associated with the 50th wedding anniversary is gold, it is appropriate to include it when decorating for a party. It should be used sparingly, however, ideally as a highlight for a base color like white. Alternatively, the color scheme could match that of the wedding 50 yea


To create a 50th wedding anniversary wedding book, you can make one online. There are several websites that provide you with the option to upload photographs and make personal notes for the book itself. Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly and Snapfish are all websites that offer numerous memory book options i