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The Mustang 50th anniversary event was held from April 16 to 20, 2014, in Las Vegas and Charlotte. The event comprised of twin events held in different cities concurrently.


The 50th wedding anniversary is considered the "golden" anniversary, and popular gift items include gold-plated picture frames, gold-plated commemorative plates, gold wine glasses, gold watches and gold jewelry. There is no one answer for the best 50th wedding anniversary gift because there are so m


One 50th anniversary joke starts with the husband of a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary telling his friend that he took his wife to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary. When the friend asks the husband what he is thinking about doing for their 50th, he says that he is thinking about going bac


For a 50th wedding anniversary, known as "the golden anniversary," unique gift ideas include a personalized map marking various places the couple has lived or travelled or a gold-rimmed plate printed with the text of the couple's wedding invitation. One could also give the couple a paid vacation.


Some tips for writing a 50th anniversary verse include choosing a type of verse or poem, such as haiku or sonnet, and selecting funny or sincere language. Before starting the verse, one tip is to take note of anything that stands out about the couple's relationship, such as how they met, obstacles t


Some 50th anniversary gifts for parents may include a double picture frame to display the wedding picture beside the anniversary picture. Personalized gifts, such as wine glasses, wine bottles, throw pillows or a gold-trimmed anniversary plate elegantly commemorate the golden anniversary.


To word a 50th anniversary party invitation, start out with some interesting information about how the couple met each other and their journey towards matrimony. Also, include something regarding the historical significance of their marriage date and the details of the party.


Popular 50th wedding anniversary poems include classic works such as "The Golden Wedding Ring" by Gerald Massey and "If Ever Two Were One" by Anne Bradstreet. Other meaningful poems are "Fifty Years" by Joanna Fuchs and "A Gathering of Life" by Terah Cox.


Good ideas for celebrating parents' 50th wedding anniversary include holding a vows renewal ceremony, throwing a big party for family and friends, taking the parents on a special vacation or having a simple family dinner at a favorite restaurant. The children should choose an idea that both reflects


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