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Research the value of collector dolls by looking for listings of similar items on auction sites such as eBay.com or by checking online price guides such as those available on DollPrice.com and VintageDollCollector.com, as of 2015. It is also helpful to check a local library for a physical price guid


Collectors typically shop for valuable old dolls in both physical and online antique shops. RubyLane.com is a popular online marketplace that features thousands of independent antique shops, some of which exclusively sell dolls. Online auction sites, such as eBay.com, are also good resources for dol


Some dolls that are part of the Geppeddo Collector series are the "Alyssa" doll and the "Kelsey and Elly" dolls. Other dolls in the series are "Selena Fairy on the Moon" and "Cinderella the Maid." Geppeddo dolls are modern porcelain dolls manufactured by Axis Corporation of Salt Lake City, Utah.


Doll collectors often buy and sell old or antique dolls, according to the National Antique Doll Dealers Association. Antique dolls are also available online on eBay.


Duck House Heirloom Dolls are collectors' items. Duck House was established in Los Angeles, California, in 1981. Though it mostly specializes in creating quality porcelain dolls, it also makes vinyl dolls with movable arms and legs, which are more suitable for children.


Certain old dolls are very valuable and fetch high prices in auctions. Barbie dolls and Madame Alexander dolls are two examples of brands that are highly collectible, and the older and rarer dolls and collectible versions are worth more money.


American Girl dolls are a line of 18-inch dolls that portray 8- to 11-year-old girls of different ethnicities, from various time periods and contemporary life. Books that are sold along with the dolls tell stories from the point of view of the characters. Other related accessories, toys and clothes


Henrik Ibsen is the author of "A Doll's House," a three-act play written in 1879. A Norwegian poet and playwright, Ibsen is known for his unusually strong female characters and stories with themes of marriage and debt.


The value of a vintage license plate can range from just a few dollars to several hundred dollars, according to Pamela Wiggins, the antiques expert for About.com. The value for specific collectible license plates can be found in various price guides either in book form or online.


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