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Diabase (/ ˈ d aɪ. ə b eɪ s /) or dolerite or microgabbro is a mafic, holocrystalline, subvolcanic rock equivalent to volcanic basalt or plutonic gabbro. Diabase dikes and sills are typically shallow intrusive bodies and often exhibit fine grained to aphanitic chilled margins which may contain tachylite (dark mafic glass).


It is also referred to as a volcanic rock. The dolerite rock is similar to basalt, but it is coarser in texture and contains crystals that can be viewed with a hand-held lens because dolerite cools more slowly than basalt. Several dolerites are present in Ireland. The most famous is the dolerite plug at Slemish.


Diabase, also called Dolerite, fine- to medium-grained, dark gray to black intrusive igneous rock.It is extremely hard and tough and is commonly quarried for crushed stone, under the name of trap. Although not popular, it makes an excellent monumental stone and is one of the dark-coloured rocks commercially known as black granite.Diabase is widespread and occurs in dikes (tabular bodies ...


Diabase (dolerite) is a dark-colored igneous rock.It is compositionally equivalent to gabbro and basalt but texturally between them. Diabase is a common rock type.It occurs mostly in shallow intrusions (dikes and sills) of basaltic composition.


n dolerite A name given by Haüy to a rock of the basalt family, called by some a basaltic greenstone, the deception implied in the name referring to the difficulty of distinguishing the rock from other varieties also designated as greenstone. As limited at the present time, dolerite includes the coarser-grained varieties of basalt, in which the component minerals can be detected by the naked eye.


Rocks and minerals are also used as a window in … to Earth's history, and by examining them, we are able to discover how life has evolved, ... Dolerite is a dark, igneous rock. It is formed ...


dolerite (diabase, microgabbro) A dark-coloured, medium-grained igneous rock which contains plagioclase feldspar of labradorite composition and pyroxene of augite or titanaugite composition as essential minerals, and magnetite, titano-magnetite, or ilmenite as accessory minerals.


Historic use. Diorite is an extremely hard rock, making it difficult to carve and work with. Its hardness, however, also allows it to be worked finely and take a high polish, and to provide a durable finished work. One comparatively frequent use of diorite was for inscription, as it is easier to carve in relief than in three-dimensional statuary.


Best Answer: Dolerite is used as building material, concrete aggregate, paving stones and as an ornamental stone. Diamictite could be used as an ornamental stone (if fully lithified), otherwise loose diamictite (such as glacial till) could be used as feed for the aggregates industry from which building sand & gravel, to make cement & concrete respectively, can be produced.


Diorite is an intrusive igneous rock of intermediate composition. Uses of Diorite. In areas where diorite occurs near the surface, it is sometimes mined for use as a crushed stone.It has a durability that compares favorably to granite and trap rock.It is used as a base material in the construction of roads, buildings, and parking areas.