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A lot of people are obviously scared of dead people, but you have a lot more to be scared around a live person than you do a dead person. ... Daniella's makeup brushes for the dead, which are ...


I had a friend who was a mortician and that job option had never occurred to me before, so I just kind of did it. I thought being an embalmer and doing makeup on the dead sounded really cool, so I ...


A funeral makeup artist prepares the dead for viewing by the living during an open-casket funeral. They can train in a specific career based program or get their start in a cosmetology school. In ...


I can't stand seeing surgeries or blood. But dead bodies are another story, I think I could get used to seeing them. I love the art of makeup and I think it would be an interesting job, it's the only thing that has striked up a passion in me to do. NOTE: just the makeup aspect, I'm not interested in doctor stuff I'm almost 18, I'm pretty good at doing my own makeup.


So im 16 years old currently studying year 12! Iv been thinking about my future and what id like to do for my career And the only thing thats interested me and made me think twice was doing the makeup on dead people! I know this probley seems weird for a 16 year old but iv actually been thinking about it for atleast a year so its not just a random thought/option!


Very few families will bring their own makeup to a funeral home, ready to complete the makeup of their deceased loved one, by choice. The morgue cosmeticians are not obligated to paint the nails of the deceased a certain color or apply pink lip gloss to the deceased's lips, however, if requested, these extra services may be carried out.


What Is Funeral Cosmetology? ... Typically, funeral homes don't hire outside cosmetologists to work on the makeup of the dead. Instead, the funeral director or embalmer will dress the body and apply makeup to the face as part of a longer process of preparing the body for an open-casket service. Typically, you won't study only funeral ...


Who Puts Makeup on Dead People? Part of a mortician's job is to prepare a dead body to be viewed in a open casket. They apply makeup to try to make the dead person look as they did when alive. The goal is to make the deceased appear peaceful as if they were asleep. Makeup is applied after the body has been embalmed.