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I would keep a close watch on him/her and make sure they don’t seem to have any issues with digesting, defecating, etc. I might also check their feces and around their rectal area for signs of blood. If the dog had any issues or unusual behavior a...


My dog just swallowed a 4 - 6" steak bone whole. He is an 80 lb lab and when trying to take it away from him he swallowed it. At this point it wan 15 minutes ago. Is there anything we should do? or wa … read more


If a pet dog swallows a bone, the first course of action will depend on the condition of the dog after ingesting the bone. Should the dog appear to be in some form of distress, such as pacing anxiously, drinking continuously, having difficulty sitting, licking excessively, gagging, retching or vomiting, the bone may be lodged in the dog's esophagus and requires immediate medical attention.


My dog swallowed approximately 3-4 inches long cooked cow bone whole. Is it dangerous? - Answered by a verified Veterinarian. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. ... My dog has swallowed a whole cooked pork bone, seems to be acting ok, it has been over an hour since ingestion. ...


My Dog Swallowed a Bone. What Should I Do? The following is an excerpt from the Petfinder Blog. ... My Cocker Spaniel swallowed a small, round lamb chop bone whole. Are there signs that this may be hurting her? Should I wait to see if she can pass it, or take her to her vet immediately?


Just a while ago my dogs each swallowed a rib bone whole, that were about four inches long, and maybe an inch thick. They were cooked bones, and they didn't even try to chew them, just swallowed whole. The bones are pretty solid though, and don't seem to be the type to splinter. I'm really scared and can't believe that they did this.


Last week, sept 1, my dog ate bones (chicken wings) and then hours passed I always see her like she wants to vomit something but nothing came out. And then earlier in the morning (sept 7) she vomit yellow liquid and shes in her period and i feel that shes kinda lack of energy but a while ago she eat some dof food and play with other dogs.


If your dog has already swallowed the bone, make sure your dog is not choking, first of all. After that, call up a vet to ask for solutions that can handle the situation. Normally, a vet would suggest simple solutions like giving your dog pieces of white bread that help in cushioning the bone fragments.


my dog recently got into the garbage and ate a bunch of rib bones. he was perfectly fine after. i have a friend with a shihtzu puppy who swallowed a whole rib bone and very soon after wasnt feeling well. she had to have surgery to have the bone removed from her stomach. so just keep an eye on him. if hes acting normal, pooping normal, he's fine.


The breed of dog has a lot to do with how dangerous a (cooked) chicken bone can be to a dog. If your dog is a glutton, for example, it will not chew the bone well enough and may / will swallow it with many sharp / jagged ends that will present a danger to its digestive system. Or it could even swallow a bone whole!