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Treatment for Your Dog’s Compulsive Scratching, Licking, and Chewing. Because there are so many reasons why dogs chew or scratch, be sure to check with your veterinarian as soon as you notice a problem. The veterinarian will help figure out the cause of the behavior and determine the best treatment plan.


If your dog scratches your indoor carpeting, it isn't a critique of your interior decorating skills. Dogs scratch at the carpeting for a number of reasons, and when you figure out why yours does it, you can stop the behavior and save your flooring once and for all.


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Some dogs scratch the floor before lying down to enhance the comfort of their sleeping area. In warm areas, dogs may scratch the floor to cool down. In cool areas, dogs may scratch the floor to create a cozy, warm den to curl up in. Scratching the floor before lying down also helps dogs find the most comfortable position in which to rest.


A dog that scratches the floor is attempting to dig a hole. Wild dogs depend on holes to keep them safe and protected from heat or cold temperatures. This instinct does not leave a dog just because it's an indoor pet. Dogs may also circle the area where they scratch before lying down.


Dogs sweat through the pads not the skin, so scratching the soil is a way to mark territory, to say other dogs he/she lives nearby, etc. Concrete is excellent to leave the odor because wind does not remove it. Another possibility would be that the...


I have a lab x pointer, she is 13years old. Sometimes she will go up the stairs and constantly scratch at the carpet, no matter how much i say no and remove her from the area or feed her and give water or even take her out she just goes back to the same place and scratch till she pants. If i keep her in the living room she will scratch at the door and bark till i let her out again.


Vet Advice: Relief for Your Dog's Itchy Skin. ... But when a dog is incessantly licking, scratching, biting and chewing to the point of wounding herself, then scratching becomes a symptom of an underlying pathology. ... The slightest stimulation of the skin—your gentlest touch—can provoke your dog to scratch violently.


Why is My Dog Scratching Himself. By Patrick Mahaney, VMD . Itching and scratching is a common issue among dogs. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to witness your dog suffer. Here are a few of the more typical reasons for itching and scratching in dogs and how to best help treat and prevent it from occurring in the future.


It’s normal for dogs to scratch, but a sudden and intense bout of scratching in dogs can be a sign of an allergic reaction. As such, it is important for you to determine why the dog is scratching, especially if the behavior is prolonged or intense in nature. A sudden, intense bout of scratching in ...