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Dog owners may want to buy beware of dog signs, personalized welcome signs or rules for guests. Dog owners may also want to buy signs telling other dog owners to pick up after their dogs or to not allow their dog to eliminate on their property.


According to California law Section 54.2(a), every individual with a disability has the right to be accompanied by a trained signal, guide or service dog in any establishment that is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, the individual is exempt from paying extra fees for the


First-time dog owners should know that it is important to begin training the dog as early as possible after bringing it home. It can take weeks to house train a dog, depending on its age, and the earlier it learns who its master is, the better.


California has strict liability statutes against dog owners in the case of a dog bite. The dog owner is fully liable for injuries sustained to another person if his dog bites them, whether the victim was on public or private property.


Some family laws in California include adoption laws that regulate the adoption of children into a family and child support laws that regulate how much money a noncustodial parent must pay for the needs of a child to a custodial parent, as FindLaw explains. California also has spousal support laws.


Dogs protect their owners because of the compound results of training and instinct. Dogs are, by instinct, pack animals that thrive in a social hierarchy. The dog owner is the pack leader, and any perceived or actual threats to the owner are addressed through protective behaviors by the dog.


Dogs can typically give birth without human intervention. However, there are ways that owners can help.


State laws concerning assistance animals can be found at Michigan State University's Animal Legal & Historical Center, as noted on its official website. The compiled data is current for 2014 and includes several categories, such as service animal definitions, criminal interference laws, service anim


Dogs do miss their owners because they remember anything to which they have attached strong emotional ties. Emotionally speaking, dogs have been shown to be on the level of a 3-year-old child. This means that they possess many basic and simple emotions such as sadness, fear and anger.


Some key landlord-tenant laws in California include laws encompassing required landlord disclosures, security deposit limit and return, rent rules, tenant rights to withhold rent, and termination and eviction rules, according to the legal website Nolo. Under California law, landlords should disclose