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Commonly, dog belly button rings and piercings are known to cause trauma to the navel and lead to infections that might encourage the development of a hernia. If you suspect that the ring or piercing is causing a swelling on your dog or puppy, see a vet as soon as possible.


Umbilical Dog Hernia . An umbilical hernia is an opening in the muscle wall where the umbilicus (belly button) is located. The hernia allows the abdominal contents to pass through the opening. Symptoms and Types . Umbilical hernias may be complicated or uncomplicated.


Like humans, dogs have belly buttons located on their abdominal area. The appearance of a dog's belly button, however, is different than that of a human. A belly button or navel comes from the detachment of the umbilical cord after birth.


Dogs are physiologically different from humans in many ways; the difference most relevant to the answer, “Do dogs have belly buttons?” is the positioning of a dog’s nipples and navel. In ...


Before going on a treasure hunt in search of our dog’s belly button, it’s worthy discovering a bit more about belly buttons in dogs. We affectionately call it belly button, but to be precise the technical term is navel or if we want to be more clinically correct, the ideal term is “umbilicus .”


Dogs and cats do have a "belly button". Dog and cat belly buttons are small and flat compared to human belly buttons -- sometimes you can't even see it and can just barely feel a little knot of scar tissue. If you see an obvious belly button, make sure your veterinarian takes a look at it as it may actually be an umbilical hernia.


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The five most common types of hernias in dogs are umbilical, inguinal, diaphragmatic, perineal, and hiatal. Umbilical: The most common type of hernia in dogs, an umbilical hernia is congenital and most often seen in puppies. With an umbilical hernia you will notice that your dog’s belly button has been replaced by a squishy protrusion.