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A sudden rise in liver enzyme levels is a significant indicator that the dog's liver is malfunctioning. A sudden escalation of enzymes can cause several debilitating symptoms which can worsen the health of the pet. Read on to know more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment for elevated liver enzymes in dogs...


For me, I start to get more concerned when this enzyme goes above 500. It is common to see this enzyme become very elevated in dogs that are otherwise acting normally. I have some patients that have an ALP in the 1,000–2,000 range and clinically appear healthy. There are a variety of reasons that the liver will make more ALP enzyme.


Liver Enzymes. There are other liver measurements you’ll see in your dog’s blood panel, but I want to focus on the liver enzymes and what they mean. AST – Aspartate transaminase (formerly SGOT or serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase). If your dog’s AST is elevated, it may come from the liver but this enzyme is also found in red blood ...


Hi, My vet just called yesterday and my dog has high liver enzymes - I believe it was the ALT he said. The max level should be around 100 and his was around 900. Of course, this was Saturday so any vet help would be emergency. He did not express an immediate concern and we will schedule and ultrasound hopefully tomorrow.


Try Milk Thistle, which is a natural supplement that helps the liver produce new, healthy cells. My dog was diagnosed with Hepatitis and was put on this. In a few months when he was retested, his liver enzymes were perfectly normal and the Hep. was gone.


If the levels of these helpful liver enzymes are too low, your dog's liver will not be able to accomplish the various tasks that it is designed to do, and you'll run into major problems for your pet's health. This can be a sign of liver failure. This is fairly rare in the dogs that come to me for advice on what to eat.


Treatment of Liver Failure (Acute) in Dogs. ... His liver enzymes were over 900 and his bilirubin was 18. He was given fluids and antibiotics. Nothing was helping. The 4th day, he started losing control of his bladder and became ataxic. Keep in mind, he hasn’t ate for over a week. ... She drinks about 500 to 750 ml of spring water.


Keep your dog’s liver in top notch shape. A liver cleanse is one of the most important elements for creating a healthy and long life for your dog. To be sure your dog’s liver is functioning optimally, I recommend the following liver cleansing protocol.


Abnormal liver enzymes signal there is liver damage occurring, but they aren’t a measure of liver function or health. The two-part blood test that measures liver function is called a Bile Acids Test, and it is the test I recommend if liver enzymes continue to climb, or if the patient is symptomatic.


Especially as your dog ages, it's important to know its normal liver enzyme levels. Many veterinarians have comprehensive "senior panels" that they can run on your pet, which will include liver enzymes. The value is in being able to compare the levels in a healthy pet to those of one developing liver disease.