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The best time to plant flowers depends on the species, but spring and fall are the most common seasons for seeding. Most flowers require a specific climate and soil composition to properly grow and bloom.


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Pansies and mums provide the fall garden with colorful blooms until the ground freezes. Perennials, such as asters, catmint and Echinacea, should be planted during the cooler fall months. Tulip bulbs, grape hyacinths and daffodils planted in the fall fill the spring gar...


Plants produce flowers for the purpose of reproduction. Flowers contain both male parts, which produce pollen, and female parts, which produce ovules. When combined, pollen and ovules create seeds and help to create the next generation of plants.


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Fall is the optimum time to plant spring-blooming bulbs and new perennials. Gardeners can plant pansies in the fall and in most climates enjoy their bloom again in the spring. The window for fall planting ends six weeks before the local date for hard frost, generally in...


Pansies, late flowering bulbs and autumn crocus are good flowers to plant in July. In addition, planting herbaceous plants is possible in July, even though they are unlikely to flower until the next year.