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Every pet owner knows their dog or cat will chew on anything it can sink its teeth into, whether that’s a toy, shoe, or ball of yarn. And at some point, your furry friend will inevitably gravitate towards plants and flowers for a bite or two. As beautiful as these colorful blooms are, from ...


Pet-Friendly Flowers & Plants for Your Home. Pets are members of the family, so the last thing we want is for them to get sick from flowers or plants that are toxic to them. You don’t have to stay entirely away from all flower arrangements and plants, but it is good to be aware so that you can move some out of the way of a curious dog or cat.


This post contains affiliate links. Read more here. Looking to spice up your garden or your balcony, but unsure which are plants are safe for dogs? We’ve got your back. We’ve done some of the legwork for you and picked out 17 pet-friendly garden favorites that will add beauty and color without ...


To help gardeners and pet parents, we’ve compiled a listing of the dog friendly plants that Florissa retailers carry. This list is only intended as a guide. If you think your pet is showing a bad reaction having eaten any plant or flower, please contact your veterinary clinic for advice or immediate treatment.


Should you have poisonous plants in your garden if you own a dog? Well, lots of people do, and their pets come to absolutely no harm: but whether you personally decide to do so as well is a matter of sensible risk assessment. Within the limited confines of a garden your dog may be more inclined to experiment, and even an unpleasant taste isn't enough to deter some from a bit of unwise sampling...


Learn how to create a dog-friendly garden with pet-friendly plants, hardscapes, and pet play areas to be enjoyed by you and your dogs. Pet-friendly landscaping uses an organic approach to gardening that is safer and healthier for our families and dog friends.


More tips for flower-loving pet parents: Educate your close friends and family about pet-friendly flowers you’d love to receive. Put your orchid plants and other flowering plants in one particular part of the house that’s cordoned off from your naughty pet.


If you're searching for Safe Plants for Dogs, this list of 19 Dog Friendly Plants can be very helpful. ... Leaves and flowers appear as if they are carved out of wax, which is a super cool way to amaze guests. Plus, the sweet smell of flowers fills the room with enticing fragrance.


Many garden plants are potentially toxic to dogs. They include chrysanthemum, aconite, buttercup, daffodil, daphne, delphinium, foxglove, hydrangea, oak, tomato, wisteria and yew. If you notice any worrying symptoms and think your dog may have ingested part of a plant, take your pet to the vet. Watch our video on plants that are toxic to dogs.


Toxic Plants . Make informed decisions about the types of plants to include in your home and outdoor space to keep your home pet safe. The toxicity of plants differs between dogs and cats. There are some plants and flowers listed below that are non-toxic to dogs but can have seriously adverse reactions to cats.