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A surprise birthday party at a sophisticated restaurant is an idea for an 18th birthday. It signifies that the guest of honor is an adult now and should have a celebration that is especially refined.


Birthday dinner ideas can range from a casual barbecue dinner outdoors to a more sophisticated cocktail soirée with hor d'oeuvres and an entrée. Terrific choices for menu items are those that depict the guest of honor's favorite foods, meaningful experiences or cultural...


Using frosting to create paw prints as a border around the cake and utilizing black licorice to make dog bones are some ideas for a puppy dog-themed birthday cake. Another possibility is to use bubblegum and frosting to design puppy dog faces.


Families can take a crafty approach to birthday celebrations by letting guests make their own T-shirts, shoes, beaded jewelry or treasure maps. T-shirt projects are easy to adapt to any age group. Young children may enjoy finger painting or using stencils to create cust...


Some creative birthday ideas include a cult classics-theme birthday party or a science fiction-theme party. Another idea is a party that combines three completely different themes, such as a pirates, nerds and hot dogs costume party.


The Irresistible Pets website features a large collection of recipes for doggy birthday cakes, including recipes for peanut butter, berry-almond and carrot cakes. The LoveToKnow and Mother Nature Network websites offer tips for making cakes for dogs, while Allrecipes.co...


Birthday cupcakes may take the shape of flowers, letters or animals, or may feature sports logos, movie themes or celestial motifs. You can decorate cupcakes individually or group them together to form a birthday cake made of cupcakes.