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Once the dog is scratching on the floor, you should be aware that there are reasons behind such an act. Dogs would scratch the floor due to certain reasons and once you figure out these reasons, there could be a greater chance that you could stop the said behavior at the same time you could save the flooring.


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If your dog scratches your indoor carpeting, it isn't a critique of your interior decorating skills. Dogs scratch at the carpeting for a number of reasons, and when you figure out why yours does it, you can stop the behavior and save your flooring once and for all.


Scratching on the floor comes more naturally to some breeds than to others. Terriers, for instance, have a reputation for being frequent diggers. While scratching on the floor can be an amusing and endearing trait in most dogs, some dogs take their scratching behavior too far and create problems for their owners.


A dog scratching the floor at night could mean a lot of different things, from anxiety to a medical condition. Some dogs scratch floors so much that they end up messing up the carpeting or hardwood flooring with their constant digging.


As is the case with most dog behavior analysis, there are varied opinions on the subject from a multitude of sources and experts. So if you have ever asked yourself why dogs scratch the floor before lying down, you may be interested in some of the reasons behind this behavior.


Dogs sweat through the pads not the skin, so scratching the soil is a way to mark territory, to say other dogs he/she lives nearby, etc. Concrete is excellent to leave the odor because wind does not remove it. Another possibility would be that the...


While scratching on tiled floors might seem like odd dog behavior to people, it is actually just a natural urge dogs get to claim a favorite spot, have a little fun, or simply get comfortable. Dogs are naturally wired to dig. Scratching at the ground helped wild dogs create secure and comfortable ...


However, the scratching behavior may become an obsession and this can be a problem. Causes of Dog Scratching Carpet. Dogs may scratch, as this is an instinctive behavior, but if your dog has been trained not to scratch, this behavior can indicate that the dog is stressed or has a medical problem.


Hardwood floors add elegance and actually increase the overall value of the home. But they must be kept in good condition to have value. Your dog just walking on the floor with its bare paws can cause unsightly scratches. There are preventative measures you can take to reduce the chances of your dog scratching your hardwood floors.