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My Dog Ate Plastic. When a dog ingests a plastic object, small or large, there’s a risk that they will become seriously ill in a number of hours or days. Some objects can be easily passed, some objects can be passed but not without damage to the inside of your dog’s gut, and some objects stop everything from moving, period.


My Dog Ate Saran Wrap. What Do I Do - Induce Vomiting? Customer Question. ... I was worried that if I induce vomiting, can the plastic obstruct her air way on the way up, if it's spreads out. Dog Veterinarian: ... Our dog just ate a steak wrapped in plastic wrap.


My dog ate plastic wrap yesterday, and he is not eating and sleeping a lot now. He is still drinking water and was a little off balance yesterday, but seems to be walking better today. He still won't eat and has just been laying around and sleeping. Do i need to take him to the vet? I'm very concerned!


I got a basset hound. He ate yesterday a plastic strips like the ones they use to wrap weinies for hot dogs, kind of like 6 inches long and 1 inch wide, he's acting normal, I stayed up all night watching him in case he threw up or pooped it, but he hasn't...


What should you do if your dog ate plastic wrap? First of all, i can't even understand how you are allowed to OWN a dog if you're going to let him/her eat plastic rap. And second of all, you ...


No doubt your vet has heard it all: my dog ate hard plastic, my dog ate plastic wrap, my dog ate sharp plastic, my dog ate a plastic bag, my dog ate a plastic toy, the plastic-munching possibilities are endless! Test results may indicate an illness or deficiency, even a digestive problem.


My dog ate a plastic oven bag and passed it, had to pull it out cause it only come part way but she passed it. I would give it a few and then watch her when you take her out. If it doesn't come by itself then the doc can give you an enema to give her. My dog was a fairly large lab. If it is a larger dog then I would say it will pass.


My Dog Ate Saran Wrap!!!!!? ... If he cant hold down any food the next few days then you know its because of the plastic blocking the system. Meaning the dog needs surgery etc. If its just a little piece then dont worry about it. Anonymous · 1 decade ago . 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down.


What would happen to my dog if he ate plastic? Update Cancel. ... A long piece of flexible plastic—say, a piece of plastic wrap or a plastic ribbon—can get caught in the intestine and literally tangle up the dog’s gut. Again, a vet is needed. ... What are the health risks if your dog ate a plastic toy?


What to do if your dog ate plastic. ... Here are some home remedies that you can make and let your dog eat that will help wrap around those sharp edges and make them more comfortable. Note: those are merely quick first aid suggestions, and will not replace your vet’s advice.