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Last night my dog ate a small plastic bag (size of a sandwich bag but not heavy grade) Called 2 Emergency vets and was told they wouldn't enduce vomiting because it might get stuck in his windpipe , and I would have to wait to see if he passes it in his feces.


It’s a call that vets receive all too often. “My dog ate plastic…can dogs digest plastic?” In this article, we’ll identify the types of plastic objects that dogs often eat. We will discuss what happens if a dog eats plastic and swallows it. We will give you advice so you can prevent a similar problem in the future.


I have the inspiration to write this article after my friend came running, saying “Help, my dog ate a plastic bag”. If there are some of you whom your dog has inevitably consumed a plastic bag, then this article will be good for you to read.


According to PetMD, when a dog swallows a foreign object, such as a plastic bag, the best course of action is to monitor the dog closely and determine if it requires immediate care. If the dog seems distressed in any way, it requires veterinary attention right away.


No doubt your vet has heard it all: my dog ate hard plastic, my dog ate plastic wrap, my dog ate sharp plastic, my dog ate a plastic bag, my dog ate a plastic toy, the plastic-munching possibilities are endless! Test results may indicate an illness or deficiency, even a digestive problem.


Soo on Thursday night my dog ate a plastic bag containing dog food that my dad left on the counter (for literally a minute while he went and gave food to his dog). So I called the emergency vet and they said to just watch him.


Taking the dog to the veterinarian for evaluation is recommended anytime a dog eats a foreign object, including plastic, says Cesar Millan. Depending on the size and type of plastic eaten by a dog, problems can ensue. If it is during regular business hours, call to schedule a same-day appointment.


As my sister’s husband suggested at the time, “Easy in, easy out!” my sister moved the item through the dog’s bowels as quickly as possible with the help of the oil’s lubricating effect. So in the absence of a veterinarian’s help, you now have a feasible solution that may help your dog pass a plastic bag that it just ate.


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Zipper ate a plastic bag last week - he found a thrown away sandwich in a bag - swallowed it in 2 gulps before I had chance to stop him. Keep a close eye on him, as everyone has said. Zipper passed the bag with no ill effect 24 hours later.