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Pet owners often wonder, "Can dogs eat pork or rib bones?" and question how harmful bones really are. Learn the dangers of giving rib bones to dogs on petMD.


I would keep a close watch on him/her and make sure they don’t seem to have any issues with digesting, defecating, etc. I might also check their feces and around their rectal area for signs of blood. If the dog had any issues or unusual behavior a...


Can Dogs Eat Rib Bones Cooked? There is a lot of controversy about the rib bones. As bones are healthy for dogs but they should not be used as a dog food. The cooked rib bones are more dangerous because in raw bones the risk factor is less. Rib bones when cooked become brittle and easily splinter your dog’s throat and intestine.


Dogs vary greatly in size and so does their stomachs’ ability to digest bones upon intake. It depends on your pet’s size, medical condition and dental health in particular. Nevertheless, even with the highest precaution, your dog can still run into trouble with rib bones. A popular question put forward by pet owners is “what


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Last night my dog (cavalier king charles spaniel 8 months old) ate a baby back rib bone; and i think he ate it whole. I went on justanswer.com last night, asked what to do, and I was instructed to sli … read more


While your dog may love to chew on bones, there are some precautions in doing so! Find out which bones you should skip and why. After your latest cookout, you have a plate full of rib bones your pup has been eyeing. You wonder, "Can dogs eat rib bones?" You know dogs like to chew on bones, but there ...


Last night my dog got into the trash and swallowed a pork rib bone whole. He's a Husky/Lab mix and weighs about 45lbs. The bone was probably about 3-4 inches long and I'm a little worried. He slept fine last night. This morning he went to the bathroom as he normally does and his stool looked fine and there was no struggle on his part.


My dogs swallowed some cooked rib bones whole 02-10-2006, 09:53 PM. Just a while ago my dogs each swallowed a rib bone whole, that were about four inches long, and maybe an inch thick. They were cooked bones, and they didn't even try to chew them, just swallowed whole. The bones are pretty solid though, and don't seem to be the type to splinter.


my dog recently got into the garbage and ate a bunch of rib bones. he was perfectly fine after. i have a friend with a shihtzu puppy who swallowed a whole rib bone and very soon after wasnt feeling well. she had to have surgery to have the bone removed from her stomach. so just keep an eye on him. if hes acting normal, pooping normal, he's fine.