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(3)Be consistent with the silent whistle. Like any training, if you want your dog to associate a whistle with a particular response,it is important to use the whistle only for that command. Pet Dog Training Whistle Ultrasonic Supersonic Sound Pitch Quiet Trainning Whistles Cat Dog Training Obedience Black WhistleTool.


Dog whistles work by producing sounds at frequencies that canines can hear but humans cannot. Over time, the technology has become a stand-in for something uttered publicly but heard privately ...


A silent dog whistle is a training device used by dog owners, hunters, and professional dog trainers to give commands over longer distances where verbal commands may not work. While the human ear may hear a faint, high-frequency sound from the whistle, a dog’s hearing is able to hear the whistle loud and clear.


Since dog whistles sound the same every time, your dog can get used to a very consistent, emotionless noise, according to Thelabradorsite.com. If you have a big family and multiple voices are ...


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Designed to be impossible for humans to hear, dog whistles aren't inherently harmful for your animal -- to an extent. Dogs are able to hear sounds of a much higher frequency than humans are, and the dog whistle creates one such sound. While a human can hear sounds around 23 kHz, dogs can hear sounds up to 45 kHz -- a significantly higher frequency.


A dog whistle, known also as a silent or Galton's whistle--after inventor Francis Galton--is a high-pitched whistle generally used for dog training. The sound it emits is so high-pitched that ...


A dog’s hearing is so acute that he can pick out the difference between a C-natural and a C-sharp. Ultrasonic whistles work at such a high frequency that our ears can’t hear the sound – but your dog can. These ultrasonic sounds are also loud to dogs, getting their attention. In fact, they can be like a bullhorn next to their ears.


A study published as far back as 1990 confirmed that ultrasonic sounds were aversive to dogs (Blackshaw et al. 1990). These ultrasonic devices should, thus, be classified as “aversives.”