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Nothing happens if someone drinks spoiled wine, since wine can't really spoil; the alcohol acts as a preservative. When wine is built for aging and stored properly, it can taste delicious in spite of its age. If it has not aged well, it is still acceptable to drink, but...


Honey is a food that doesn't spoil, according to Smithsonian.com. Several factors aid in this ability, including its high sugar and low moisture content, which work together to form an environment that is inhospitable to bacteria.


Milk becomes spoiled because of the bacteria present in it. When milk is pasteurized, some but not all of the bacteria in it is killed, and the bacteria that remain eventually cause pasteurized milk to spoil.


Several foods don't spoil, including white rice and honey. Although honey may crystallize, it returns to fluidity with heating. Hardtack, a plain water-and-flour cracker widely used during the Civil War, lasts indefinitely. Hard liquors, even when open, remain drinkable...


Honey, white rice, sugar, pure vanilla extract and hard liquor are all types of food that never spoil, as long as they are kept sealed. If these foods are opened or unsealed, they still spoil over time.


Spoiled pork typically has a soured smell. An odor generally occurs only after pork changes colors from pink to gray or brown, which is the first noticeable sign of spoilage. Fresh pork can be stored one or two days, and pork sausage for three to four days, in the refri...


Paenibacillus is the spore-forming bacterium that is found in spoiled milk. It is responsible for spoiling milk and causes curdling as well. Paenibacillus also contributes to off flavors in a variety of other foods.