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No, Walmart does not replace watch batteries. You can buy the most common watch batteries at most stores but you’ll have to replace them yourself. Unless your watch is a sealed dive watch, replacing the battery is a pretty simple procedure. The on...


Locate your watch's hinge. On simple watches, the hinge will look like a small indentation along the edge of the watch's back. This is where you will place your thumbnail to pry off the backing. Do not set your watch down as you work. Keep it in your other hand so you can maneuver it while prying it open.


Watch Battery Replacement As an associate who covers jewelry sometimes, the lady who trained me has always told me we can only change batteries on Walmart watches. This is supposedly in case a watch is damaged we only have to replace a Walmart watch and not a Guess watch.


While you can often find watch batteries at stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens its actually best to leave watch battery replacement to the pros especially if you have a nice watch. If you are looking for watch battery replacement near me use the map below to find your closest location to replace your watch battery.


Going to a watch repair shop and having a specialist change the battery is expensive and time-consuming, but you most likely can do it yourself. The method for changing the battery will change based on the brand, type, and style of your particular watch.


Buy Wal-Mart Mercury-Free Lithium Watch Battery at Walmart.com. Pickup & delivery Walmart.com. ... I ended up returning it when I found out that you only get ONE battery for $5.98. Walmart needs to update the picture to show only 1 battery because currently it show 5 batteries. I ended up buying the 2 pk Rayovac Lithium battery for $6.88.


Does Target replace watch batteries? If they do, they should not. While changing a watch battery may be a simple procedure for some watches the damage easily caused by someone who really does not know what they are doing can be substantial. I have...


Batteries Plus Bulbs can get your watch battery replaced quickly so you can get back to spending your time where it matters. The trained associates at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location have the knowledge, ability and tools to properly open your watch, test the existing battery and install a new cell to get it working again.


I needed a new watch battery, and posted a thread in OT about it. Someone mentioned this Walmart deal so I am just passing it along. I went into a Chicago 'burb Walmart, and for $3.00(includes taxes) I got a new battery, plus free installation. It took the lady about 5 minutes to change the...


Enjoy! You've learned how to change a watch battery. To extend the life of your hybrid smartwatch—and to avoid figuring out how to change a watch battery for just a little bit longer—you can reduce the number of people or apps that deliver notifications from your smartphone to your hybrid watch through vibrations.