Vinegar repels some types of flies, while attracting others. Most biting flies, such as deer and horse flies, dislike the scent and taste of vinegar. On the other hand, cider and other fruity vinegars attract fruit flies... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

Herbs such as basil and bay leaves naturally repel flies because flies do not like their smell. Lavender and tansy help to keep flies away as well. More » Home & Garden Pest Control

To repel flies, install fly traps and baits around the home, prevent the build-up of garbage or insect food sources and use sprays or misting systems. Since flies are attracted to food sources, eliminating attractants is... More »

Burning citronella incense sticks or citronella oil candles repels flies as well as mosquitoes. In addition, there are a few citronella oil preparations that can be applied directly to the skin as a fly and mosquito repe... More »

Plastic bags filled with water repel flies because the liquid within them refracts light, which in turn confuses the flies. Flies, like many insects, have complex eyes that are vital to their navigation. Their eyes are s... More »

One way to kill flies without using spray is to make some traps using apple cider vinegar, a plastic sandwich bag and a cup. The trap works by luring the flies into the cup with the vinegar and using the plastic bag to p... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

Vinegar does not keep fruit flies away; in fact, vinegar can actually attract flies. Vinegar with acetic acid will invite fruit flies into a person's kitchen, yet vinegar can also be used to eliminate a pesky fruit fly p... More »