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The UK and the States of Australia all have the Queen as our Head of State. In England, the monarch owns all the land - we can only own a freehold in it (basically means we have the Queen's permission to live there rent free). So the Queen of Australia owns the land your house is built on - sod it, they own us!


The UK no longer has any role at all in governing either nation. The Queen is the constitutional head of state of both nations, but she is not the head of state because she is the Queen of the UK. She is the Queen of Canada and the Queen of Australia independently of the UK.


Australia, however, wished to have the United Kingdom mentioned as well. Thus, the resolution was a title that included the United Kingdom but, for the first time, also separately mentioned Australia and the other Commonwealth realms. The passage of a new Royal Style and Titles Act by the Parliament of Australia put these recommendations into law.


Australia–United Kingdom relations, also referred to as Anglo–Australian relations, are the relations between the commonwealth realms of Australia and the United Kingdom, marked by historical, cultural, institutional and language ties, extensive people-to-people links, aligned security interests, sporting tournaments (notably The Ashes), and significant trade and investment co-operation.


Does the United Kingdom own Australia, Canada, Jamaica and other former commonwealth countries? I dont understand how the Queen Elizabeth 2, can be the monarch of a foreign country, i understand the cultural and historical reason to have strong ties with England, so is Canada a independent country or not, why do they maintain this relationship ...


The president doesn't own the US, and Gordon Brown doesn't OWN Great Britain. I suppose you could say it's owned by no one, people just think of themselves in Australia as subjects of the Queen. Sure, people can own property, such as a fully paid off house, but you can't really own a country.


Australia paid citizens to sell their guns to the government. ... The UK took a multipronged approach. ... share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Our journalists will ...


The register, compiled by the Australian Tax Office, shows 13.6 per cent of Australia's farmland is foreign-owned. UK-based investors own 27.5 million hectares or almost 53 per cent of that portion.


The Coalition has increased scrutiny of foreign purchases of rural land, but how much is currently owned overseas and are the concerns valid?


Australia is among seven nations that have claimed territory in Antarctica. Some countries recognise these claims; some have a policy of not recognising any claims in Antarctica, or reserving the right to make a claim of their own.