Freezing brown sugar can actually preserve its quality. When storing brown sugar, try to keep it in a cool area, which makes the freezer an ideal location. More »

To freeze sugar snap peas, blanch the peas for 1 to 2 minutes, then chill them in ice water, drain on a towel, place in a single layer onto a pan and freeze until solid. Place peas in a moisture-proof container and retur... More » Food Food Facts

Sugar water freezes faster than salt water, because salt has more molecules than sugar. Normally, water freezes at 32°F, however, when a substance is added to the water, it lowers its freezing point. This is not because ... More »

Both popped and unpopped popcorn can be frozen, but it can affect the quality. Unpopped popcorn that has been frozen does not pop as well, and frozen popped popcorn that was opened becomes dry and stale. Popped popcorn i... More »

Butternut and all other winter squash varieties, such as acorn, pumpkin and spaghetti, can be frozen for up one year at 0 F before quality starts to diminish. Butternut squash can be cubed or mashed before freezing to ac... More » Food Food Storage Freezing Food

Brown sugar does not spoil because it does not promote the growth of microbes; however, brown sugar that dries out becomes too hard to use for cooking and baking. Brown sugar consists of granulated sugar and molasses. More »

A good recipe for brown sugar frosting from King Arthur Flour mixes brown sugar with butter, milk, vanilla extract and confectioners' sugar. Another well-regarded recipe for brown sugar frosting is available from Epicuri... More » Food Cooking Desserts