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What Is “Shake” Weed and Does It Get You High? We're talking about “schwag,” or the loose, leafy detritus found at the bottom of baggies and bottles.


yeah, shake gets you high. how high depends on what bud the shake is from. if its shake from the bottom of a bag of some shitty shwag, probably not too high. from some really dank, you'll have yourself some dank shake and can be great. don't even need a grinder


(So if you do pick some up, be sure to store it properly.) Another problem with shake is that it can contain stems and other bits of unwanted plant matter — the result of picking apart bigger nugs.


Brew some herbal tea. Provided you’re good with dairy, infused tea takes minutes to make. On range, stir in ¼ cup decarboxylated stems/shake with one cup half and half, and let simmer for 5-7 ...


Notably, chocolate, yoga, and running also affect anandamide, so you can get a similar high — albeit less powerful — from these activities as well (think “runner’s high”). Related


You sure can, but be careful, it's way easy to overdo it, and that ain't any kind of fun. One pill won't do it, you need 600 or 700 mg to get buzzy. It feels a little warm and dizzy. You'll sleep well. Any much more than that, and you're havin...


If you are the type of person who just wants to get high on a budget, who doesn't mind a "hybrid smoking experience", marijuana shake gives you the chance to enjoy an array of blends, flavors, and sensations from different strains.


Dear Sandy: The big difference is that shake is the stuff that falls off nugs to the bottoms of bags, jars and other containers, while trim is a collection of pot leaves that have trichomes on ...


This method won’t get you high, but if you were already under the pretense that shake wouldn’t get you high enough anyway, there’s no harm in putting it in your hot beverage. This method ...


I had shake left over from an 1/8th of some high mids and i smoked it all and i am fucking high guys. does shake have like, a shit ton of crystals with thc or something? i think it gets you higher than normal bud man. its like keif in the grinder.