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yeah, shake gets you high. how high depends on what bud the shake is from. if its shake from the bottom of a bag of some shitty shwag, probably not too high. from some really dank, you'll have yourself some dank shake and can be great. don't even need a grinder


Shake will still get you high. It's gonna burn faster and be dry, but it's usually cheaper. I know guys who used to get garbage bags of shake from growers for nothing. If you can get bud for the same price though, don't waste your time.


When I smoke pot with my buddies I'm fine. But when I smoke pot when there's unfamiliar people around (especially cute girls) I get really shaky and stutter a lot. Also another problem I have is, when I think about god and the universe and **** when I'm high I get anxiety attacks. Now I'm starting to get all this stuff when I'm sober, and I used to be a social kid but now I&...


What is shake weed? When people think of the Marijuana "Shake," and can you smoke shake? Everyone will have different opinion about whether it's worth paying for or not. Where to Find Marijuana Shake - Buying Shake from Dispensaries - Weed shake prices. What to Do with Shake? Is shake weed good to smoke? Shake vs bud..


Protein shakes on their own won't make you fat, but if you're drinking very high-calorie shakes and not watching your overall calorie intake, they'll make you gain weight. If your goal is weight loss, opt for lower-calorie protein shake additions like skim milk and fresh or frozen fruit, and avoid the higher-cal ones like almond butter.


When you combine this phenomenon with getting really high in a cold or air-conditioned room like I did, then you’ll likely experience the shakes even more. If you’re in a cold place, just get warm under a cozy blanket or take a nice hot shower.


Does anyone on here do that, and does it actually work? I was thinking for just a bit more than double that price you could just get an oz of some really high grade stuff that will send you to the moon. May 7, 2010 #2 Rin101 New Member ... Shake isnt bad, if that is what you are buying, it is those unexpected times when you have to dump your ...


Yeah, smoking a lot of trim will get you high, but it’ll also burn your throat and muck up your lungs much more than nugs or shake ever would. If you’re going to buy a pre-roll or shake from a ...


When you are using cannabis do you get tremors or the shakes? It can happen sometimes, and here is why https://cannabis.net/blog/medical/do-you-shake-or-get-...


Shake means multiple things to the cannabis community. We’re here to help you get it straight. First, what is shake? Second, how can you use it? What is shake? Photo credit. You can find shake most easily at a dispensary. You know the small pieces at the bottom of the jar, where budtenders keep beautifully tended nugs?