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Wine goes bad after opening from prolonged exposure to oxygen and the action of lactic acid-producing bacteria. Oxygen exposure oxidizes chemical components of the wine, while the bacteria ferment the wine in the same process used to produce wine vinegar.


While drinking alcohol in excess may hurt your health, drinking red wine in moderation has many health benefits. A glass of red wine can protect against certain types of cancer, slow memory loss, fight weight gain and prevent cavities, according to Everyday Health.


Boxed wine does go bad but it stays fresh between 30 to 60 days after opening. Boxed wine are basically wine that is contained in a bag with a cardboard box outer covering. To dispense the wine, a hole is cut along a dotted portion on the box and a spout or a tap is pul...


If kept for long enough, wine eventually turns into vinegar after being opened. Depending on one's taste for vinegar, this can be a plus or a minus.


Milk chocolate and dark chocolate can be paired with red wine, but it is recommended that the wine be sweet rather than dry. Very sweet chocolate is best paired with port, Madiera or other dessert wines, while semi-sweet chocolate is best paired with a sparkling red win...


Different types of red wine include Beaujolais, zinfandel, pinot noir, valpolicella and cabernet sauvignon. Beaujolais is a wine produced in the Burgundy area of France. It's made from the Gamay grape and has a light, dry character.


According to Still Tasty, an unopened bottle of sparkling wine usually does not go bad but is best consumed within three years of production. Sparkling wine goes flat quickly after it is opened and is best consumed the same day.