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Recently, both of my calves started swelling and now my ankles are swelling as well. My doctor has me on Potassium and lasix and it does help a good bit, but it does not get rid of it. Is this normal with neuropathy patients and is it something I just have to live with.


Causes of symptomatic acquired peripheral neuropathy include: Physical injury (trauma) is the most common cause of acquired single-nerve injury. Injury from automobile accidents, falls, sports, and medical procedures can stretch, crush, or compress nerves, or detach them from the spinal cord.


Sensory nerve damage from peripheral neuropathy makes it difficult to balance, increasing fall risk. Motor nerve damage results in muscle weakness. Repetitive stress causes entrapment neuropathy, which can cause swelling and pain.


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Swelling in the ankles can be a general medical systemic cause. Heart failure, diabetes, kidney problems (nephritis), drugs like gabapentin etc...will usually cause equal swelling in both feet. One foot implies something is going on there. 1) swelling can reflect something in the abdomen...swelling. Lymph nodes, ovary etc.


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There are many unpleasant symptoms that accompany foot neuropathy, besides the pain itself. One of those pesky symptoms is leg swelling. A person with leg swelling has enlargement of the legs, caused by excess fluid that has collected in the legs.


Neuropathy can cause swelling in the following way. If you don't move your foot, as in walking, or flexing it up and down, then the blood circulation becomes stagnant. It does this because our feet and legs depend on the contraction of the muscles to squeeze the veins and help the blood flow back up to the heart.


Neuropathy is a common cause for symptoms such as swelling arms and feet. It can be accompanied by the other common symptoms of this disorder, or appear on its own as an independent problem. It can be accompanied by the other common symptoms of this disorder, or appear on its own as an independent problem.


Proximal neuropathy refers to nerve damage of the legs and arms; peripheral neuropathy refers to nerve damage of the extremities, such as the feet and hands. The many causes of foot and leg neuropathy can be categorized as inherited, for example, diabetic neuropathy, or acquired, from trauma or injuries.