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Omni Cleansing Shampoo is a detoxifying hair treatment manufactured by Omni Cleansing Liquid. This product is used to eliminate all toxins from the scalp as well as the hair follicle. The company states that this product washes away chlorine, as well as other harmful residues, without damaging the h


The reviews for Omni cleansing shampoo are positive on both Amazon.com and SBMuscle.com. The product has a three-star rating out of five on both of these websites.


Omni Cleansing Liquid Extra Strength is a detox supplement which claims to rid the body of toxins and pollutants in a quick, efficient manner. There are several cleansing agents under this brand, and while some users claim that Omni products work, the effectiveness of these agents differs for each i


Cleanse diets have no scientific basis, according to WebMD. While they are popular as a way to detox the system, human biology does not support these claims as internal organs naturally eliminate toxins from the body. Because the diets are low-calorie, it is likely that they cause weight loss.


The Omni weight loss diet requires specific foods but not any specific products. The diet plan includes food such as fresh vegetables except white potatoes, moderate amounts of fruit, eggs, naturally raised lean meats and poultry, and raw nuts. Foods off-limits to the plan include dairy, soy, corn a


Dry or no-rinse shampoo works well for virtually all types of hair. This type of shampoo works as a powder or aerosol, which can be sprayed or speckled into the hair, without water or rinsing. Dry shampoo soaks up surplus oil; and, it is appropriate for individuals possessing oily scalps.


The Omni-105 Kerosun portable kerosene heater was manufactured in Japan by Toyotomi and sold in the United States by Toyotomi USA. The Omni-105 is no longer available for purchase through Toyotomi.


Two-in-one shampoos are back, but they've got a new name. Say hello to the cleansing conditioner.


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Want to take a break from solid food in favor of liquefied fruits and vegetables? Welcome to juice cleansing. While detoxing the body with spinach-apple-ginger juice or cashew milk may sound appealing (…or not), with their popularity growing — heck, it’s even turned into the latest form of office bo