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The Notary seal is the impression of the Notary Public inked stamp or crimping embosser. It is used to authenticate the Notary’s signature and make the notarial act official. The imprint of the Notary seal contains the Notary Public’s commission information..


The stamp must be rectangular in shape and have the notary’s name, the title “Notary Public for the State of Montana,” “residing at…,” commission expiration date (month/day/year). Nebraska: Ink stamp required.


What All Notaries Should Know About Their Stamp or Seal. • Keep your notarial stamp or seal under your control at all times—do NOT allow unguarded access to your stamp or seal as this often results in unauthorized use. • Your notary stamp or seal is yours to use and keep; your employer has no right to control or keep your stamp or seal even if the employer paid for it.


Official stamps and journals. Q1. Do I have to have a notary stamp? A1. Yes. By law, your official stamp must be clearly applied under or near your official signature on every notary certificate. Do not stamp over signatures, and avoid stamping over text. Q2. Will the Secretary of State send me a stamp and a journal? A2. No.


The most critical of the five notary-specific elements on a notarized document is the notary signature. The lack of a notary signature is fatal to the notarization. It is essential that the notary always signs every notarial certificate that he or she notarizes.


A notary public shall provide a public notarial seal or stamp with which the notary shall authenticate the notary's acts, instruments, and attestations, on which seal or stamp shall be shown a device that the notary thinks proper and for legend shall have the name, surname, and office of the notary and the notary's place of residence, which ...


To answer that question, you have to first understand what a notary public IS. A notary public is an official witness to the free and willing signing of one or more documents by one or more people whose identity the notary has verified. In most cases, the document is signed in the notary's presence; in some cases, it is signed first and then ...


Notary stamps vary depending upon each state's requirements. Some states have strict requirements for the size/shape of the seal, and other states have less stringent requirements. Some states do ...


5 Steps To A Proper Notarization. By Michael Lewis on April 09, 2015 ... So on my notary stamp I have my first middle and last name. Am I able to sign with my first and last name only or does it have to be f/m/l name? National Notary Association.


Notary signs differ from state to state, so it’s vital to choose the correct one. The stamps come in several sizes, allowing for multiple lines of text, commission numbers, and expiration dates. A certificate from a state notary is mandatory for purchasing notary stamps since it is an official seal. Notary stamps are suitable for several ...