Throughout the world, there are many religions that do not believe in medicine, including parts of the Old Order Amish faith, parts of the Old Order Mennonites faith and the Christian Scientists. The Christian Scientists... More »

Religions that adopt reincarnation as part of their mainstream teachings include Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. However, there are sects of other religions that incorporate reincarnation on a smaller level, such as Kabb... More »

Angels constitute important figures in a great many world religions, including all three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Additionally, angels and angel lore are found in Baha'i, Zoroastrianism and Sikh... More »

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The biggest difference between the Jewish and Christian religions is their perception of Jesus. While Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, Jewish people believe he was a teacher or possibly a prophet. More »

In the Christian and Jewish religions, people often picture God as looking like a person similar to themselves, since the religions share a belief that God created humans in God's image. In other faith traditions, people... More » World View Religion

As of 2016, about a quarter of all Iroquois follow the Longhouse Religion, a faith rooted in tradition with some elements influenced by Christian contact. Others within the nation follow Christianity. More » World View Religion