Medicaid covers eyeglasses in 41 states and all U.S. territories except Puerto Rico. Although Medicaid is a nationwide program, the services that medical coverage provides differ from state to state. More »

As of 2012, prescription eyeglasses are covered by Medicaid in 41 states, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Each state's plan varies by co-payment requirement. More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Medicaid has both mandatory and optional government-subsidized services, according to its official website. An example of a mandatory benefit is an inpatient hospital stay, while clinic services would be an optional bene... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

People might think there are 52 states in the Untied States because of the existence of territories such as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, which function similarly to states in some ways. Members of Congress h... More »

Medicaid is a federal program that determines individuals' eligibility for services based on income as a percentage of the federal poverty level. The eligible income levels vary from state to state and change over time. ... More »

Medicaid is a United States health care program that provides coverage to low-income American citizens. The program is federally mandated, but the implementation of it is carried out by each individual state government. More » Government & Politics Social Services

Medicaid benefits vary from state to state within guidelines specified by the federal government, according to Information about the term, duration and scope of benefits applicable to individual patients is... More »