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Will My Liability Auto Insurance Cover a Broken Windshield? Motorists' liability insurance will not cover damages to their own windshield, but it will most likely cover the cost of repairing other people's windshields if the damage was the policyholder's fault.


Car insurance covers windshield damage and replacement in most cases through comprehensive insurance, and when others are at fault, through property damage liability insurance. In this piece we will discuss more in-depth how auto insurance will cover you should your windshield crack or shatter.


Does Car Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield? Every year over 11 million auto glass service incidents occur. A tree branch, flying debris or a rock might hit your car whether it’s parked under a tree, close to a construction site, or while driving on a major road.


At the first sign of a cracked windshield, you're likely to ask yourself whether or not your car insurance will cover it. If so, you can simply call the mobile windshield replacement company and you'll be good to go before you leave work. If not, you'll need to shop around a bit to make sure you get the best deal on a replacement.


With just a few clicks you can look up the GEICO Insurance Agency partner your Professional Liability Policy is with to find policy service options and contact information. ... Your Guide To Glass And Windshield Insurance Claims. ... If you have the appropriate coverage, GEICO will waive your deductible when you have your glass repaired;


If your car has a cracked windshield, your auto insurance policy could help pay for repairs. Learn more about coverage for cracks and broken windows. Esurance welcomes you to the modern world with a personalized quote for car insurance and more.


Insurance companies in some states and regions, especially rural ones, may waive deductibles for windshield damage. Their reasons are simple. Some areas experience severe winters and, to preserve local wildlife, highway departments cover icy roads with gravel and sand instead of snow-melting salt.


If you only carry liability insurance, you will have to cover the cost yourself regardless, but even with comprehensive coverage you should consider your deductible. If the cost of windshield crack repair is less than or even slightly more than your deductible, it would probably not be worthwhile to file a claim.


If the windshield needs to be replaced, insurers will also cover the cost, usually upward of $300. But in most states you'll have to pay the deductible on your comprehensive coverage. Recognizing the safety value of windshields, three states -- Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina -- require that insurers waive the deductible for replacement.


Best Answer: Broken Windshields are covered under the AUTO INSURANCE POLICY category called "COMPREHENSIVE" and to determine what you the vehicle owner are responsible is determined by whether you have FULL COVERAGE meaning any incidents like a REPLACEMENT WINDSHIELD come Free of Charge at no costs out of your pocketbook or your DEDUCTIBLES, i.e. your share of the damage/loss etc.