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One of the easiest methods of shrinking denim jeans is to treat the pair of jeans to a hot water bath and then hang it to dry. The jeans should be from "unsanforized" denim or shrink-to-fit type jeans for this method to work properly.


Denim is made from cotton. It is a woven twill weave fabric popular for its comfort and durability. The twill weave gives the denim its recognizable diagonal pattern.


Types of denim include natural, polycore, ring, ring-spun, ring-ring, bull, dual ring spun, black-black, open end, over twisted, printed, reverse and pinto wash. These different types refer to variations in the types of yarn and processes used to construct and dye the f...


Fade denim by laundering it frequently. Speed up the process by using bleach if desired. Soaking the denim for significant periods of time and drying it in the sun also helps it fade faster.


Denim was invented in the 1500s in Genoa, Italy to be worn by the sailors in that city's navy. Its name comes from the French phrase "de Nîmes," meaning "from Nîmes," the city where the cotton fabric was made.


Denim can be recycled by repurposing, donating, composting and taken to a fabric-recycling facilities. Determining the best way to recycle denim largely depends on the condition of the fabric.


Cotton shrinks when washed or dried. Cotton fibers and polymers are stretched when made into thread and cloth, and washing and drying shrinks cotton back to its natural size.