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Q: My friend washes all her clothes in cold water to preserve the color. Do they really get clean this way? Faith Stafford Brooklyn, NY. A. Yes. The consensus is that cold water is more than up to the challenge of washing everyday laundry.


Old laundry habits are hard to kick. But washers have changed, so have laundry detergents and you no longer have to use hot water to get clothes clean. You'll save energy washing in cold water ...


Washing clothes in cold water is one of the hot topics in laundry rooms. When you're doing laundry, most of the energy you use, and pay for, goes to heating the water. That's why detergent and ...


Laundry Science 101: Hot Water Vs Cold Water There are good reasons to use cold water and good reasons to wash on hot so let’s explore why temperature is important in certain situations and clear some myths and misconceptions about washing on cold and hot water.


Unfortunately, cold water won't get every item in your load clean. That's because different fabrics - cotton, sheer blouses, and grungy play clothes, for example - require different water temperatures to get them clean. These tips for choosing the right laundry temperature for your loads will help ensure all your clothes get clean safely. Why ...


Unfortunately, using hot water alone for laundry does not kill all germs and bacteria. Washing clothing or linens of someone who is ill can spread the germs throughout the entire washer whether you use hot or cold water. Only a disinfectant like chlorine bleach, pine oil, or a phenolic disinfectant will sanitize the laundry and the washer.


Cold water works just fine for most laundry. So what does that mean exactly? You can wash your clothes on a cold cycle and the detergent will do its job and clean your clothes just fine. The only exception is for people who live in areas where tap water is typically colder — places like Maine and Alaska, where tap water can run at ...


Less hot water means you're saving money and your laundry is having less of an impact on the environment. But remember that clean laundry trifecta? With less hot water, detergent and mechanical action need to pick up the slack. Cue cold water detergents. P&G's Jack English helped develop Tide's Coldwater detergent over a decade ago.


The Case for Washing Clothes in Cold Water Laundry: You’re doing it wrong. ... Many opt to wash in warm or hot water because of the roles it can play in cleaning your clothes, writes Dvorsky. ...


Cold Water Detergent vs. Regular Detergent By now, most people know that washing clothes in cold water saves energy costs, and helps to keep colors from fading. Many people still are reluctant to wash 100% of their laundry solely in cold water for reasons varying from old habits, to concerns about unsatisfactory results.