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Coffee creamers contain a variety of ingredients including a form of hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, sodium and food coloring. There will be slight differences in ingredients depending on the brand.


Although most creamer containers warn that creamer shouldn't be frozen, coffee creamer can be frozen and still be safe to drink. Although freezing coffee creamer will not make it unsafe to drink, it may affect the quality or taste.


Plain coffee is gluten-free unless it has been contaminated from another source. It is possible for coffee to become contaminated with gluten during the packaging process, or while being prepared at home or a restaurant.


Baileys makes eight standard coffee creamer flavors, including The Original Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toffee Almond Cream and Caramel. As of November 2015, Bailey's added two new flavors to their line up: Macadamia Brittle and Bourbon Vanilla Pound Cake.


The shelf life of an opened bottle of refrigerated liquid coffee creamer is between two and three weeks. If the bottle is unopened, the coffee creamer can last up to 120 days after being made.


While pure, unsweetened chocolate is gluten-free, chocolate that is common in stores contains other ingredients, some of which may contain gluten. Two common ingredients that are added to pure chocolate that contain gluten are barely malt and wheat.


Nondairy creamer is made of hydrogenated vegetable-based fats, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, salt, beta carotene and corn starch. The other ingredients are chemicals: dipotassium phosphate, sodium caseinate, monoglycerides, diglygerides, polysorbate 60, sodium stearo...