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According to Cost Helper Health, the average cost of acupuncture in the United States is $50 to $70 for a routine visit and $75 to $95 for an initial session and medical consultation. Costs for this alternative medical treatment remain similar throughout the nation and do not differ considerably whe


The Chiropractic Resource Organization offers several free acupuncture charts available as PDF files. Qi Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness offers a free interactive acupuncture chart on its website.


The benefits of acupuncture therapy are numerous and clinical studies have shown that acupuncture can help with diseases and conditions such as dysentery, allergic rhinitis, depression, facial pain, headaches, hypertension, knee pain, lower back pain, morning sickness, neck pain, dental pain, renal


A study published in "Acupuncture in Medicine" indicates that ear acupuncture helps patients with weight loss, according to WebMD. However, more research is necessary, as the placebo effect in such studies is significant, particularly when needles are part of the study.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that has been proven to help with many ailments, including acne, according to Prevention Magazine. Acne can be difficult to deal with long-term, but acupuncture is a technique that claims to address internal issues rather than simply treating symptoms.


The acupuncture zero point is located on the external ear at the base of the cartilage ridge that forms the top front of the ear, right above the opening to the ear canal. Stimulation of the zero point is believed to affect the vagus nerve.


As of December 2015, download acupuncture charts for free from the Chiropractic Resource Organization. The Acupuncture Charts page offers a variety of PDF charts. Click on any for the free download. A comprehensive downloadable acupuncture chart is also on the website of the Academy of Classical Ori


A Chinese acupuncture chart shows the location of acupuncture points, also called acupoints, on the human body. During treatment, acupuncture points may or may not be in the same area of the body as the symptom being targeted.


According to Bill Schoenbart and Ellen Shefi for HowStuffWorks, allergies treated with acupuncture are relieved instantly by inserting needles at points around the nose. Using this method brings instant relief from sneezing and congestion.


The growing body of research on acupuncture indicates that acupuncture may be helpful in providing short-term relief for chronic back pain, according to WebMD. Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment developed over 2,500 years ago that involves placing thin needles into strategic places on the body.