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The most effective way to translate official documents is by hiring a professional translator and having the translation notarized, but it is not legally required in most instances. Translated documents to be submitted in the United States need to feature an affidavit of translation that attests to


Several websites provide free translation services. Some are designed specifically to translate entire documents either from Italian into English or from English into Italian. Examples include Free Translation, Systran and World Lingo.


Word users can translate documents from one language to another. Microsoft Word has the option of translating the entire document, selected text or only certain words. Some languages, such as those written from right to left, have specific operating system requirements.


Translate languages for free using free language translation apps like Google Translate, All Language Translator, WayGo, iTranslate and SMS Translator. These applications are available on Android and iOS platforms. Another way to translate languages is by using free online translation websites like


Find free downloadable legal documents on websites such as LegalZoom.com, USLegal.com, LectLaw.com and Docracy.com. Docracy.com offers the ability to customize legal documents and update the documents and finalization through its online system, Docracy notes. LegalZoom allows customization of certai


As of April 2015, there are multiple online resources that offer English to Spanish, as well as Spanish to English translation services. Some useful resources include Google Translate, FreeTranslation.com and SpanishDict.com.


A controlled document can be modified, reviewed and redistributed multiple times over its life cycle. This type of document is typically used for a reference, with some examples being technical drawings, procedures, data sheets, application forms, plans or contracts.


Several free Spanish-to-English translators are available online and as apps for mobile devices, including Google Translate, Babylon.com and iTranslate. All three resources translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish and support many other languages as well.


Free legal documents, such as a will, can be downloaded at LawDepot. There are six categories of forms, documents and contracts available on the website: wills and estates, financial, real estate, family, business, and other.


The free translation service Google Translate provides instant online translations between a number of languages. Working at high speed, the service can instantly translate words as well as whole sentences and pages. Those behind the service plan to continue to expand it, adding more languages over