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Find auto repair instructions by purchasing an auto repair guide at a stores such as AutoZone or by visiting a site like Chilton. Chilton offers auto repair guides for do-it-yourself mechanics on its website for a fee.


According to the Federal Trade Commission, most credit repair businesses are scams, and as such they advocate consumers take a "do-it-yourself" approach to credit repair by working with creditors to remove inaccurate information, and by setting up and sticking to a paym...


Car repair codes are used to determine what problems a car may be experiencing and how to go about repairing those issues. The codes are obtained when a mechanic performs a diagnostic test on the vehicle.


To repair exterior vehicle door handles, open the vehicle door, and remove the interior door panel. With the window rolled up, remove the plastic liner, and locate the access panel. Unclip the main control handle rod, and remove the rod from the lock arm. Remove the loc...


To learn to do auto repairs yourself, find a course on car mechanics at a local community college or trade school that you can take independent of a degree plan. Another option is to use books, television shows or online tutorials to learn basic mechanics. Take notes as...


When tackling do-it-yourself home repair, use a reference, be safe and know when it is time to call an expert, as noted by GetRichSlowly.org. Home repair may save money in the long run, but only when homeowners learn to work methodically and act quickly.


As of 2015, Appliance-Repair-It.com offers free general appliance repair instructions, with links to help with diagnostics and parts location. ApplianceAssistant.com provides an online appliance repair manual library where instructions for specific brands and models are...