The reason citizens pay income tax is so that the government can have the funds to build libraries, roads, and fire and police stations. Income tax is also used for welfare and social security programs. In addition to in... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Social Security income may be taxable if a recipient's income reaches certain thresholds. If his total income is between $25,000 and $34,000 per year, a recipient may be taxed on 50 percent of his Social Security income,... More » Business & Finance Taxes

An income tax is a tax imposed by state and federal governments for people and businesses residing within their jurisdictions, explain authors at Investopedia. More »

State tax forms vary based on the type and amount of taxes that specific jurisdictions impose; some states in the United States have tiered tax brackets with taxes adjusted to income levels, while others have a single ta... More »

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Mistakes made when filing a tax return may require filing an amended income tax form, states the IRS. Changes in filing status, income, deductions or credits require an amended return. Mathematical errors may be correcte... More » Business & Finance Taxes

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