White tattoos fade and often more quickly than a black or colored tattoo. White tattoos are already less noticeable when placed on the skin, so when they fade, they become hardly recognizable. More »

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While a tattoo never fully disappears, the placement of the tattoo on the foot determines how quickly the lines will fade or spread. Tattoos in places where the skin bends or flexes more than other areas tend to fade the... More »

Tattoo artists estimate that inner lip tattoos last for 12 months on average with the proper care and a touch-up if needed, according to Skin Artists Magazine. Inner lip tattoos may fade faster, depending on factors that... More »

Modern technology offers many techniques to fade tattoos including laser tattoo removal, intense pulsed light therapy and tattoo removal creams. Many do-it-yourself tattoo removal methods exist, including freezing the ta... More »

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Tattoos will fade overtime no matter what, but the sun's ultraviolet rays will cause them to fade quicker. Other factors that can contribute tattoo fading are swimming pool chlorine, wind and indoor heating. More »

To find a tattoo artist who does Viking-style tattoos, research local tattoo studios, get recommendations from tattooed acquaintances, view the portfolios of various tattoo artists and ask about their experience with Vik... More »

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The best white tattoo ink is the brand that best suits the majority of a business's clientele. Everyone's skin reacts differently to ink and tattoos so no one brand is the best for everyone collectively. More »