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First of all, white ink tattoos don’t fade quicker comparing to other tattoos. The most important thing that will effect tattoo fading is the quality of the ink (and eventually, the white tattoo ink). I can recommend Eternal or Dynamic inks to start with.


Tattoos are permanent. Yet, time does take its toll on any piece of art, skin included. Eventually any tattoo will fade (some colors faster than others), which is why people go in for touch-ups.


Does the sun fade white tattoos? The answer is actually quote complex and here’s why: First, think of tattoo ink like paint that is being used to cover a pinkish red wall. If the wall were painted black it’s highly possible that it could be covered in one coat.


A mathematical model reveals for the first time how tattoos will fade with age by predicting the movement of ink particles over time. ... out in belly-baring white tank and jeans after revealing ...


White tattoos fade in pretty much the same pace as ordinary tattoos. The reason is - the ink itself. It’s the same tattoo ink that used in other tattoo styles as well, just a different color. Don’t forget to protect your tattoo in the sun and go t...


My friend has a rose tattoo that's red/pink/green that she got 2 years ago and it looks really bad now because it's faded. And she doesn't have enough money right now for a touch up. Do black and grey tattoos fade as fast as colored ones?? I dont like colored tats anyways, so I was thinking of getting gray and black ones. I just don't want them to fade that quickly!


The science behind how a tattoo fades over time Everyone makes such a big deal about tattoos – they warn you to be careful because that ink will be there forever. But if you've had a tattoo for a while now, you might have noticed it doesn't look as fresh and vibrant as it did when you first got it.


Do White Ink Tattoos Fade? After you get the tattoo, you can expect it to fade much more quickly than normal. How it fades is determined by the exact ink that was chosen for the job. Some inks fade away evenly, similar to a henna tattoo, and they leave behind a blank slate with an area of raised skin for you to work with.


White can fade pretty fast, turn yellow and if they don't heal right your tattoo won't look good. White also doesn't show up very well on pale skin. If they are pastel colours then it should last longer then plain white. Tattoos do fade a little as they heal and over time.


When they fade, they look less "old" than your typical black ink tattoo. You do NOT, however, want to expose a white tattoo to any kind of sunlight, because it will yellow, so keep that in mind ...