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Also, do neglect the ultrasound repellents, as snakes have no ears! Nevertheless, we were somehow interested in the powders and granules based on sulfur and naphthalene. The experts do not have a unified opinion regarding them, so let’s consider them to be potential snake repellents.


The reason snake repellents don?t work is because there is nothing intimidating to a snake about the smell of naphthalene or sulfur. Even if there were, snakes do not smell the way people traditionally assume they do. Snakes use smell as a method of information.


Do Snake Repellents Work? Snake repellents fall into three categories, granules, electronic and glue traps. Strictly speaking a glue trap is not a repellent though, it is a trap; considering that, we won’t discuss snake traps in this article, apart from to say that they certainly do trap snakes.


Snake repellents do not work,last yearI had a huge black snake visiting all my bird houses, eating the birds, after swallowing bird he would slither to my garage floor to sleep it off, I sprayed him point blank with snake repellent,sprayed entire yard, repellent had a nice strong scent.He kept coming back, so I shot him and gave him to the ...


Scam snake repellents - Most snake repellents are a scam. It’s good to acknowledge that truth now and move on to things that really will work. The most popular pest control method involves using naphthalene, or moth balls.


“Repellents do nothing more than make you feel a little bit better about the situation,” says Clark. “They don't actually repel snakes. Snake repellent, in my opinion, is a complete waste of ...


Out of the snake repellents we reviewed, we really liked the Ortho Snake B Gone as it is a non-lethal environmentally friendly option. The repellent comes in a shaker ready to be sprinkled around your yard.


Currently, the best snake repellent is the Serpent Guard. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest snake repellents since 2016. Currently, the best snake repellent is the Serpent Guard. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest snake repellents since 2016. ... we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to ...


Do Snake Repellents Really Deter Snakes? Our customers say they work very well. We encourage you to read the many hundreds of customer reviews (yes, both good & bad!). Overwhelmingly, Sureguard's customer reviews are good. Remember too, Sureguard have a unique "Buy & Try" offer. Install and try the product.


Commercial Snake Repellents: Do They Work? ... Unfortunately, no, they don't really work. In fact, most of these solutions cause MORE environmental trouble and still don't deter snakes in the slightest. So why do people believe that they work? Because, in general, people lack a fundamental knowledge regarding snakes. 9 out of 10 times, when we ...