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Yes, they do! Rabbits can definitely feel happy, angry and/or excited, as well as experience many more complex emotions. They also have some really cute, different and interesting ways of showing such feelings—ones that people don't always recognise, which is perhaps why they assume otherwise.


Rabbits are capable of a wide range of emotions including jealousy, anger, fear, grief, love, irritability and insecurity. Understanding what is really going on in any particular rabbit's head may take months or even years of patient observance, particularly when you do not know the history of the rabbit from birth.


Because rabbits can and do bond deeply with others, they often experience what looks a great deal like grief or mourning when a partner dies. But because domestic rabbits have rarely been able to form long-lasting pair bonds in captivity, their capacity for grief has gone unrecognized, and it has gone unremarked in the wild.


Best Answer: Yes they do, but reading them is like learning a new language. They communicate between themselves subtly, using their ears and their body positions. If your bunny has lop ears, not uppy ears, it's harder to read them, as they display their relaxed, angry and anxious emotions via their ears.


Best Answer: rabbits are very sensitive, social and intelligent. They have the capacity to form very deeply emotional bonds with their humans. It depends on the human and how they interact with the bunny.


Can rabbits understand emotions? My pet rabbit, Ed, hops up and sits quietly beside me when I’m feeling sad, and jumps around enthusiastically when I’m in a good mood. CW, Bedford Yes, I do ...


Do rabbits have feelings for their owners? Ages ago, humans decided that pigs are greedy, snakes are sneaky and bunnies are stupid. We are sure that horses are noble characters, that dogs are faithful friends and bears are not to be trusted—which may be true. For ages we have been very sure about what we think about the different animals.


Rabbits do not understand many spoken words. You need to gain their trust in subtler ways. This means approaching with an open heart, and showing that they have nothing to fear. A rabbit will mirror any emotion that you put out. Do Rabbits Understand Human Facial Expressions? Rabbits have a wide range of facial expressions of their own.


Rabbit pellets should also be fed daily, and diet should be supplemented with vegetables and some fruits. How do I stop my rabbits getting bored? In the wild, rabbits have plenty to keep them occupied, from foraging, and reproduction to territorial defence.


In the right environment, rabbits reveal their true nature - intelligent, affectionate and often cheeky! Rabbits are wonderful companions and are increasingly being kept as free range, indoor pets (house rabbits). Every rabbit is different and discovering your rabbit's own unique personality is one of the great joys of rabbit ownership.