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"Roam" might be the wrong word, but yes. Piracy off the coast of Somalia Somalia's last truly functional national government collapsed in the early '90s, and things haven't been so great since (remember the Battle of Mogadishu)? In the absence...


Do Pirates Still Exist? Most modern pirates, including those who operate off the Somali coast, use small motorboats to attack larger commercial vessels. Somali pirates often attack vessels as they pass through the Gulf of Aden.


Pirates of today. When people talk about the pirates today, they consider them as the legends from the dark past. But the pirates still exists in a great number. Although it is not hyped, we are faced with problems of this kind very often these days in many different parts of the world.


Pirates existed as early at the 1st century B.C. There are still pirates to this day, but do not look like the stereotypical pirates we see in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean.


Pirates still exist today but probably shared many of the same bitter feelings as those existing hundreds of years ago. Pirates probably felt very stressed considering they had to resort to theft ...


Although pirates have existed throughout history and still exist, the golden age of the pirate traditionally depicted in media was from 1620 to 1720. According to the Royal Naval Museum, pirates abounded during this era because of the vast wealth being transported from the New World.


Best Answer: Yeah pirates exist. Just in different environments and conditions. Of course 2008 pirates would adapt to their sourroundings much differently than back in tha days. They are around doing tha same old. Living tha life of a nomad, partying and drinking, and "borrowing" what they need.


I have to admit that I was a little shocked and hard to convince when I heard that a couple of pirates had taken over a ship a few days ago. My initial reaction was one of surprise and I had to ask myself....do pirates still exist?


Like the Caribbean of old, the waters near Somalia used to be the most heavily pirated in the world. Now there's a new king of the pirates that's quickly become a headache for governments ...


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