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Some baboons are socialized to human behavior and have learned how to open car doors or go into homes. They are opportunistic and can go after food or other objects that attract them. They eat mainly plants and fruits, but they also sometimes eat hares, birds, small monkeys, and antelope.


Baboons eat meat in small quantities, and their meat-based meals include small antelopes, fish, birds, rabbits and shellfish. Habitat is just one of the factors that affects a baboon's diet. Some baboons live in savannas, but others live in rainforests.


Baboons are omnivores and as such they eat a wide variety of things. Some examples of items common to a baboon's diet include grass, leaves, blossoms, seeds, gum, tree sap, roots, flowers, fruits ...


In this video you see step by step on how to prepare a meat of a baboon.


A Taste of Baboon and Monkey Meat, and Maybe of Prison, Too ... who eat bushmeat cubed and cooked in a stew of onions, garlic, tomatoes and chili pepper, see it as a referendum on a cultural ...


The baboon is an opportunistic eater. These monkeys are omnivorous and will eat just about anything edible. Grass makes up a large part of their diet, along with berries, seeds, pods, blossoms, leaves, roots, bark, and sap from a variety of plants.


Do baboons eat humans? Yes. Baboons have been known to attack and eat small children. ... This is one of the reasons that people kill baboons so they would still have sheep and goat left. People ...


Like other Old World monkeys, baboons do not have prehensile (gripping) tails. But they can and do climb trees to sleep, eat, or look out for trouble. They spend much of their time on the ground.


Baboons also eat insects and small quantities of meat, such as fish, shellfish, hares, birds, vervet monkeys and young, small antelopes. Caring for the Young For the first month, an infant baboon stays in very close contact with its mother.


Scientists in Cameroon have warned that eating monkeys and apes could cause the next HIV. They are already tracking a HIV-like virus called simian foamy virus, and fear more viruses could spread ...