Penguins live in Antarctica because they are especially adapted to the cold through their unique feathers, small feet and circulatory system. For instance, one of the species that lives in Antarctica, the emperor penguin... More »

Although all penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, not every species of penguin lives in Antarctica. Several species exist in sub-zero climates, while others live in locations with temperatures regularly above 100 F.... More »

The length of a penguins life varies based on the breed, but the average penguin lives in the wild for 10 to 20 years. Both the Emperor penguin and Adelie penguin live on Antarctica. More »

Antarctica is the ice-covered continent that surrounds the South Pole and is itself surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is the fifth largest land mass on the planet. More »

Antarctica has no cities or towns. The people who live there reside in scientific bases that resemble oil rigs or military bases instead of traditional towns. The closest resemblance to towns are the Chilean Villa Las Es... More »

People like to visit Antarctica because it is one of the most unusual places in the world. Everyone who visits Antarctica goes as either a tourist or a scientist, making it one of the least disturbed places in the world. More »

One fact about Antarctica is that it is a continent permanently covered with ice and snow at the South Pole. It is considered a desert, and is also the driest, coldest and windiest place on the planet. More »