Land predators of the various penguin species include lizards, skuas, snakes, other birds and ferrets. Water predators consist largely of killer whales, leopard seals and sharks. While penguins are now protected, humans ... More »

Penguins primarily communicate vocally, but they also communicate through body language and posturing. Penguins all look virtually identical, which makes individual recognition very difficult. To overcome this, penguins ... More »

Penguins usually lie down or stand up when sleeping on land, whereas they float when resting in the water. They often tuck their heads below their wings when they sleep in a standing position. More »

The main types of predators that eat penguins are marine animals, such as leopard seals, whales and sharks. Many land animals are also a threat to penguins in Antarctica and include birds like petrels, skuas and gulls. More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

The origin of the beloved penguin waddle begins with the extinction of the dinosaurs, which killed most oceanic predators like sharks and reptiles. This allowed certain birds to dive into the water for food, and over gen... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

The yellow-eyed penguin is a rare species of penguin that inhabits the southern island of New Zealand, Steward Island, Campbell Island and the Auckland Islands. It is listed as an endangered species. Adults grow to 24 to... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

Emperor penguins perform several duties in the course of raising their young, including incubating the egg, feeding the chick regurgitated food, protecting the chick from predators and teaching it to hunt. Emperor pengui... More »