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Octopuses have many rows of small teeth called denticles, which are located on the ribbon-like structure known as the radula. The radula is located within the octopus's mouth and is used for drilling shells and cutting flesh.


The Reef octopus have a body that grows up to 12cm in length and arms that can reach around 60cm. The Atlantic Longarm octopus has arms are commonly around 30cm in length whereas the body is only ...


On the other hand, a clam's shell defeats the beak. But the octopus still wins, because he does have teeth, indeed, depending on the species: up to four types. He may start the hole with saw-like teeth on his tongue (the radula) "but most of the drilling is carried out by the salivary papilla (small teeth-like bumps in his mouth).


Octopus species that produce larger eggs – including the southern blue-ringed, Caribbean reef, California two-spot, Eledone moschata and deep sea octopuses – do not have a paralarval stage, but hatch as benthic animals similar to the adults.: 74–75


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Octopus suckers wouldn't do that—they'd be locked firmly in one place.) ... I know some squid have teeth on the rims of their suckers, while others have hooks in their suckers; do these also ...


The octopus' beak is made from keratin, the same material that a bird's beak and our fingernails are made of. The beak is used to crush prey. Do Octopus Have Teeth? An octopus usually has three kinds of teeth (known as denticles) located on a ribbon-like structure called the radula, and they are used to drill into shells.


Does anybody know what structures these things (and the teeth) are homologous to? E.g., did octopi evolve teeth independently, or reuse a tooth-making routine that had been around almost forever? Are these “teeth” homologous to ours, or just “chitinous denticles” that evolved in convergent ways. And do we really know?


Ten Curious Facts About Octopuses Octopuses, an inspiration for monsters throughout history, get a fresh look through a new book that dives deep into the creatures’ mysterious lives


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