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An octopus doesn't have 9 brains, at least not in the traditional sense. It has 1 brain, which is a donut shaped structure around their esophagus (fun fact, if they eat something too large it can give them brain damage). However, the majority of t...


An octopus has a decentralized nervous system with majority of its neurons residing in its arms. These neurons help the arms to independently taste, touch and control basic motions, without ...


How Many Brains Does an Octopus Have ? Octopuses only have one true brain, which is located in their head, wrapped around their esophagus. However, octopuses have other neurons, the cells that form the brain, in other places as well.


Octopus arms do not become tangled or stuck to each other because the sensors recognise octopus skin and prevent self-attachment. [54] The arms contain tension sensors so the octopus knows whether its arms are stretched out, but this is not sufficient for the brain to determine the position of the octopus's body or arms.


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No Octopus. Do. Not. Have. 9. brains.-Blue ringed octopus have sharp beaks for biting -they are very fast and can shoot away from danger -they could possibly shoot venom into the water, but do not ...


Why do the octopus has 9 brains?, The octopus lives a very short but graceful life on this planet They are among those creatures who act promptly towards numerous situations arise in front of them As we all are aware of the fact that an octopus has 3 hearts 9 brains and col...


Story: The largest octopus species in the world, the giant Pacific octopus, has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood. Fact Check: The message states the largest octopus species in the world, the Giant Pacific Octopus has 3 Hearts 9 Brains Blue Blood. In fact, the message is often shared online as an unbelievable fact.


Do octopus have 9 brains, and is there tentacles actually a part of brain.? And how intelligent are octopus and why do they have totally different brain structure then other animals what is evolutionary science behind it, and if there where no human will octopus Emerge as most intelligent animal in planet. Follow . 3 ...