Moth balls are solid insecticides, and are very effective at killing fleas and other pests. However, using them in such a manner is dangerous to other living beings, including pets, small children and adults. More »

Fresh air, laundry refreshers and commercial mothball-odor-removing products can be used to eliminate the smell of mothballs. Ventilating the home is recommended when the odor is present throughout the house. More »

Using moth balls to keep snakes away is a common myth, as they have very little effect on snakes. The best method to keep snakes away is through prevention. More »

Duct cleaning involves sweeping the ducts to remove dust, dirt, debris, pests and mold, as well as cleaning the cooling coils and the blower unit. When cleaning, the ducts, wall, grills, and ceiling and floor registers a... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Lint balls usually occur on towels that have short hair fibers. They usually form from abrasion during washing and drying and often result when towels begin to pill. Fortunately, you may remove and prevent this lint thro... More »

Bleach is the suggested method for killing coliform bacteria, which seeps into wells from soil and surface water, according to PennState Extension. Testing water and follow-up prevention is recommended to keep coliform f... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

There are a number of different chemical agents that can be used to kill mold and mildew. The easiest method is to use a mixture of bleach and water, possibly with a small amount of detergent added, but there are also ma... More » Home & Garden Cleaning