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Most fish are going to want to eat these small little babies! To do this we watch closely for the pregnant Molly female to get super close to dropping her young. It is said that there will be a “V” shape at the bottom of her stomach right before laying. How Long Tell Give Birth? It will take a molly fish a couple of weeks to give birth.


i have not bred mollies, but from what i have read, if sufficient food is not provided, the mother molly might consume some of her fry, though she will probably be too tired to do anything after having given birth. i would advise you to remove her from the tank after she has given birth. also try and keep some plants or hidey-holes in the birthing tank so that the fry can hide.


How to Take Care of Molly Fry. Whether you are getting your fry from a pet shop or have a female molly fish that is ready to give birth, it is important to ensure that you have the right setup for your molly fry as soon as they arrive. You...


How to prevent female molly fish from eating its own baby fry. ... find yourself running out of place to raise the fry. here is what I do in order to save fry from getting eaten by their mother ...


Do molly fish eat their babies? ... Almost all fish will eat molly babies, even mollies will eat there own babies, You should keep the babies in a breeding net until the babies grow up. share:


Best Answer: Not all fish eat their young, but most live-bearers are notorious for this. As long as there are plenty of plants/hiding places for the babies, and you feed the fish a couple times a day, you should be able to save enough to keep your population going. If none get eaten, some will die anyway ...


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Black molly giving birth. How to prevent female molly fish from eating its own baby fry. Saving as much as possible molly fry - Duration: 2:14. Uri Shasha 117,962 views


My fish don't seem interested in eating their babies. From: Kelsey I have two molly fish one is the black and the other is the gold dust and they're both females. I was wondering if they need a light on them all the time or could you turn the fish tank light off at night?


Help - Dalmation Molly Just Had Babies! Don't Know What To Do!!!! 73317 - in Molly forum - :;group Hey There! My Dalmation Molly just had about 50 babies! We had set up a 25 gallon tank for the Molly to have her babies in....